90-Watt, Silver, Long, EX

90-Watt, Silver, Long, EX


90-Watt Long Expansion Kit


Add extra power to your Airstream with our 90-watt “L” Series expansion kit, especially designed for narrow or curved roofs. This expansion kit is compatible with any of our other roof mount kits but its unique mounting feet accommodate curved roofs and its long, narrow panels make the most of limited space. Its quick-connect solar plug makes expanding your solar kit easy and simple—just plug it into your roof cap and you’re good to go.

90-Watt Long Expansion Kit Includes:

  • 90-Watt Long Panel

  • Quick-connect solar plug

  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and specialized feet for curved roofs

KIT1010 90-Watt, Silver, Long, EX Advanced Marine Solar

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US made 90-watt long expansion kit
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